Come to Tien Sa Waterfall (Thac Tien Sa) in Cat Cat Village, Lao Cai

Come to Tien Sa Waterfall (Thac Tien Sa) in Cat Cat Village, Lao Cai – The Cat Cat Village walk was certainly picturesque and a lot less physically challenging than other, longer walks that are available in and around Sapa. Although it is mostly down hill, the return uphill journey can be made even easier, thanks to the countless locals who offer a motorbike ride back up to Fansipan Street for around 30-50,000 VND.


Local hawkers are in abundance around Cat Cat, selling the usual trinkets, scarves, leather goods and handbags, all of whom seem to sell the same thing. During your walk, many of the very friendly (and persistent) local ladies will offer to either guide you, or sell you one thing or another. These characters speak a good level of English and my partner found himself explaining to five women that “I might later” doesn’t actually mean “I will later”.


You also can come to other beautiful site in Lao Cai: Bao Ha temple in Lao Cai or Mau temple in Lao Cai

Be sure to bargain as it is all part of the experience, but never loose face or be rude. It did become a little frustrating, having paid to walk around a village, that most of what was sold was not hand-made or local, and we did feel rather pestered.
At the lower section of the walk, you come to Tien Sa waterfall (Thac Tien Sa), a good opportunity to rehydrate and relax before the return journey.


Tien Sa is also known as the Cat Cat Waterfall. Waterfalls are located in Cat Cat village, San Sau Lake is located only 3 km from the center of Sa Pa town to the north. This is a place to attract many tourists when coming to Cat Cat.



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