Dau Dang Waterfall – interesting with the magnificent scenery in Bac Kan

Dau Dang Waterfall is 16km from Ba Be District, 3km from Ba Be Lake, is an interesting place with the magnificent scenery for tourists in Vietnam travel to explore and enjoy.

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Dau Dang waterall is an attraction located near Ba Be Lake which fall into the heart of a rocky gorge between two lakes.

Dau Dang Waterfall is located where the Nang River enters Tuyen Quang Province. The Puong cave approximately 4km along the Nang River, a canal on the left hand will take visitors from the Nang River into Ba Be Lake, but please drill into the lake and then go about 2.5km to the Tay Hua Tue (Nam Mau commune), which is the border with Tuyen Quang province. Here the boat can not go forward because the Nang River is blocked by large rocks stacked on a stretch of nearly 2km dividing the water flow into several streams flowing to create a beautiful and spectacular Dau Dang waterfall.


They consist of a series of rapid spread over 1 km. Two hundred meters below the rapids is small hamlet of 5 houses of Tay minority, Hua Tang. Legend has it that the giant dug the cave Puong on Nang river to stones and this place would have become a waterfall.


The 53m high waterfall drains the entire river of Nang River, sweeping between large blocks of limestone lying overlapping and divided into three segments: the first section of the water from the high rushing and crumbling; The second section, the water turns into two streams; To the third section, the waterfall falls between the stones, calm and romantic. Visitors will be very surprised when the gentle river suddenly appears a waterfall aggressively launched muddy water. In the middle of wild nature and wonders, people suddenly feel weak and how small.


The pleasant look of the waterfall and the primitive nature of the forest are extremely impressive. Furthermore, there is a special rare and valuable species of fish called ca chien living in the river, some of these fish weight over 10kg, this is a rare fish nowadays. You can sit and watch the waterfall on the large stone or on the wooden balcony built high above.




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