How to cook grilled chopped shrimp and meat with cheese style Vietnam

Grilled chopped shrimp and meet with cheese is the dish has outer shell crunchy. When you eat fresh shrimp with delicious fatty cheese to bring deliciousness for the enjoyment.

Prepare ingredients to cook grilled chopped shrimp and meat with cheese style Vietnam:

1.Shrimp: 300g

2.Meat: 50g

3. Cheese: 50g

4. Lemon grass: 2

5. Potato: 1

6. Spice: corn flour, pepper, salt, bread crumbs, cooking oil,alcohol,…

Making: How to cook grilled chopped shrimp and meat with cheese style Vietnam:

Step 1: Wash shrimp with little alcohol to remove the smell of fishy then rinse with clean water. After that you peel, withdraw black clew of shrimps, dry and mixed with 50g of meat then puree them.


Remove shrimp shells
Mix meat with shrimp

Step 2: Take shrimp and meat were pureed in the bowl, add pepper, 1 tablespoon corn flour, 1 tablespoon salt. Leave 15 minutes for the spices to absorb into shrimp and meat.

Add spices into shrimp and meat

Step 3: Cheese cut into small pieces.

Cut cheese into small pieces

Step 4: Round pellets of shrimp and meat, put cheese in the middle and curled up. Do this for all ingredients.

Put cheese in the middle and curled up

Step 5: Place bread crumbs into the dish, roll the shrimp and meat into bread crumbs.

Roll the meat into bread crumbs

Step 6: Put the pan on the stove, add the oil, wait for the oil heat up and fried golden crispy each of the  grilled chopped shrimp and meat. Grab the grilled chopped shrimp and meat into oil absorbent paper.

Fried shrimp and meat

Step 7: Finally, you put shrimp and meat on the plate when eating chili sauce with mayonnaise.

Grilled chopped shrimp and meat with cheese style Vietnam

The note to have a grilled chopped shrimp and meat with cheese style Vietnam:
If you want to have crispy crust, eye-catching, you can do the following:
Roll the shrimp meat through fried crispy flour and eggs, fried flour and then repeat the meat pellets through eggs and fried flour is ruffled.
– Choose a delicious shrimp:
Check the shrimp tail
To determine the freshness of the shrimp, straighten the shrimp and place it outside the light to see the width of the joints on the shell and shrimp meat. The larger the joints indicate, the shrimps are no longer fresh because they can be cooked too long or have been frozen for a long time.
Avoid buying slimy shrimp
Do not buy shrimp that have been slimy. Most of these shrimps tend to bend the body in a circle rather than straight as usual. To test this issue, you should press your finger on the cover and move your finger a few times from the front to the back, and vice versa, from the back to the front. If there is a feeling of grit under the fingers or if the shrimp are visually stuck, they should not buy them.
Prawn legs
It should be observed whether the foot of the shrimp is firmly attached to the body or not, shrimp meat must be firm. Also, you should not buy shrimps that have turned black because this is a sign that they are not fresh.
-Choose each type separately
– Black tiger shrimp: This type of shrimp should be firm meat, size is large and easy to process. Choose shrimp, first of all, shrimp must be alive. Sisters noticed that the shrimp is shiny, slippery, live between the shrimp body and fresh, that is delicious shrimp, meat.
– Shrimp: Shrimp is smaller in size than other shrimps, but delicious when processed with sweet taste. This kind of shrimp housewife should pay attention when choosing. Shrimp is strong and delicious is fresh shrimp, pink white, if the shrimp is dark pink shrimp is long, has no quality assurance.
– Shrimp (sea): When the shrimp to see, shrimp also jumping, pink white, blue eyes, which is new shrimp and healthy.
– Lobster: The largest size of shrimp, usually selected by the housewife when processing the steamed dishes. Lobster is healthy, delicious is the green shrimp in the shell and fresh.






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