Minh Thanh pagoda blends Japanese, Chinese architectural finery

Minh Thanh Pagoda in Gia Lai Province in Central Highlands is best famous for its ancient beauty with unique architectural influence of Japanese and Chinese.

Minh Thanh pagoda blends Japanese, Chinese architectural finery:

Minh Thanh Pagoda in Gia Lai Province is best known for its ancient beauty, offering a fused architecture of Japanese and Chinese craftsmanship.


Situated in Hoi Phu Ward, about 2 km from Pleiku Town’s center, Minh Thanh Pagoda is deemed the most beautiful in Gia Lai thanks to its unique architectural influence.


The pagoda’s main hall can be seen right after passing a three-entrance gate. The complex was built across 20,000-square-meters in 1964 by Venerable Thich Giac Dao, creating a place of worship for local Buddhists.

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The edged roof of the main hall carries dragon designs, a mythical creature of great importance in Vietnamese traditions and beliefs.

Since the pagoda was renovated and rebuilt in 2017, the current buildings bare a more majestic look than before. The upgraded main hall is now 16 meters tall, with its ceiling made of po mu wood from the Central Highlands along with two thick wooden doors, each 6 meters in height.


The pagoda boasts a nine-level, 70 meter tower housing Buddhist relics and including a Japanese Buddhist sorin or spire at its top.


One of the two embossed statues located symmetrically on both sides of the main hall’s entrance.


Inside the main hall are wooden statues of the Buddhas, about four meters tall.


One of four Guan Yin statues (middled).


A tranquil corner inside the pagoda.


Minh Thanh Pagoda attracts thousands of pilgrims to Pleiku each year.

Source: e.vnexpress.net


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