Nang Tien cave ( Fairy cave ) – the nice site in Bac Kan Vietnam

Nang Tien cave is a beautiful natural spot locating at the Phja Trang mountain range be- longing to Ha Luong commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province, is a natural cave for a long time and has been the Ministry of Culture – Information vestige national level since 1999. From a distance, as a young girl sleeping, while the back side of shimmering by the array of stalactites.

You also can visit to Ba Be lake – Ba Be National park very near here.


This cave is 200 metres deep and 30 metres highest and 20 metres in length with many beautiful stalactites.


Amazing terraced fields have been formed thanks to the limestone eroded by flows of groundwater occured over millions of years. More especially, there is a wide roof of limestone within the cave and a flat big stone inside with the dimensions as a stone bed surrounded by stalactites falling down like a silky curtain, beautifully sparkling. As legend is told, fairy girls once came to the earth and stayed in this cave. That is the reason why we called Fairy cave nowadays.


The grotto is 5 km far from Yen Lac town. Fairy Grotto has appeared naturally for a long time. Legend says that once upon a time there were 7 fairies landing at the foot of Phja Trang Mountain to swim. They enjoyed so much that they did not know that the night came. They could no longer fly back to the heaven. God created a grotto for them to reside. Since then, the grotto has been called “Fairy Grotto”. On 13 September 1999, the Ministry of Culture and Information signed decision on recognizing the Grotto as beauty spot at national level.


Departing from Nang Tien cave, visistors continue the trip along 3B national road to Lang Son, Bac Giang and Quang Ninh province.




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