The attractions of Dong Nai can be good for weekend camping

Paddle on a lake, hike up a massive rock, camp by an ecological lake, or simply take a breather in the country of Dong Nai Province, southern Vietnam.

The attractions of Dong Nai can be good for weekend camping:


Not many know the attractions of Dong Nai that neighbors Ho Chi Minh City. Apart from the Buu Long Tourist Area in Bien Hoa Town and Bo Cap Vang Ecological Park in Nhon Trach District, the area with a massive rock and artificial lakes in Tan Phu District can be good for weekend camping. This area is part of the Cat Tien National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve zone.


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One of the most eye-catching landscapes is Cross Rock, also called Elephant Rock, in the middle of a golden meadow in Tan Phu District. The meadow changes color every season but remains beautiful. Piles of straw are scattered throughout the field, great for Instagram pictures. Here, you can camp or organize a BBQ.


From this massive rock, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the idyllic surroundings. Sunsets are especially magnificent here.


On the way to Cross Rock is a lotus pond near Bau Ngua Lake, a popular rowing spot. The lotus season begins in May, and so now is a good time for family trips and group picnics to the place.


Situated just 60 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Tri An ecological lake is a destination of choice for sporty campers. Guests can choose from a variety of treehouses, bamboo houses, traditional wooden houses, and even tents. To enrich the camping experience, the park also offers many activities such as rowing, sports and hiking.


Hoang Minh Duc, a camper familiar with these spectacular scenes, said his family frequents Dong Nai because it is always uncrowded. Duc’s family tries new experiences like staying with locals, tasting new dishes and discovering new landscapes. A tent costs VND150,000-400,000 ($6.5-17) a day to rent.



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