Travels to southern town of Phan Thiet and shoots some stunning pictures

Coastal town Phan Thiet is a place to take great photos with ‘lonely tree’ 500 m from Bau Trang Lake, the way from Hon Rom Island to Bau Trang, Ong Dia stone reef, Ham Tien Beach,… are very interesting places.

Travels to southern town of Phan Thiet and shoots some stunning pictures:

Blogger Ngo Tran Hai An made a trip to Phan Thiet in June with 10 stops and many wonderful moments.
An poses on the ‘lonely tree’ 500 m from Bau Trang Lake. It’s the only tree in this area, hence the name.
This photo was taken at a crossroad on the way from Hon Rom Island to Bau Trang Lake. The sun really added more exposure to the photo.

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An tosses sea shells to create a unique look for the picture.
“On the way from Hon Rom Island to Bau Trang are many places like this, suitable for taking photos,” An says.
A view of the Ong Dia stone reef on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Road. In the early afternoon, when the tide goes down, it creates pools between the big stones.
An says the beach is usually the place where people go for creative photos. He suggests putting the phone camera in burst mode and pose constantly to shoot many pictures in various poses like this one on Ham Tien Beach.
Bau Trang, a freshwater lake surrounded by tall sand dunes, is a must-visit place in Phan Thiet. It is situated 60 km from the town’s center.
The road from Ham Tien Beach to beach town Mui Ne with the boundless blue sky and sea is also a great spot for photos.
Since it was a summer trip, the weather was often quite sunny, enabling the photos to gain more exposure and contrast.
Even a flamboyant tree by the road can make a good picture with this blue sky background.



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